Conference 5-7-1

5 Things

Top Requests and Changes

1) More conversations/transparency. We are going to have a team conference every 2 weeks.

2) Invoicing/Commission/Collections Reporting. I will begin adding this information to your individual spreadsheets.

3) Sourcing Efficiency. We’ve seen improvements recently. This will continue to be a challenge as we grow and diversify our searches. This is also driving some advertising changes.

4) Training Opportunities. This will be built into our conference calls. We will be revisiting best practices for our own model. We will also explore recruitment training outside of our company. Some upcoming topics include:

  • Job Advertisements – Best practices in writing and posting jobs.
  • Sendouts – Team requirements and best practices when using Sendouts.
  • Review of steps to beginning a search and then digging deeper for hard to find candidates.

5) Compensation and Bonuses – Things being considered:

  • Small bonus for sharing previously screened candidates for another recruiter’s job.
  • Increased percentage of commission after a billing goal has been achieved.
  • Incentives and/or recognition for achieving milestones.

Other things coming from the Top 5 conversation:

  • Remain positive. Be a team player. Be a problem solver. Respect others strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team members leading discussions and sharing what works for them.



What’s up with all the logo and new company names?

Why diversify? Why not focus on



Recruit and Hire


An Umbrella brand to point back to. Corporations is BSM, Inc. but RECRUIT + HIRE represents our innovation in hiring strategy.

medicalrecruiting is our vehicle to bigger and better things. This = stability!

New Networks Being Built

Physician Recruitment.fw – Once owned by HealtheCareers

Potentially one of my most valuable domain brands. 1,984 exact key term searches per month. Compared to approximately 150 searches each for Nurse Practitioner Recruiters and Physician Assistant Recruiters per month.

Other websites once owned by HealtheCareers –





More new brands:



EXECUTIVEEmployment = Since 1998. 12,276 exact phrase searches per month!



Tech Recruiters &



StartUp Recruiters

Targeting Startups receiving capital for the purpose of growth.

Each brand will allow us to appeal to Startups trying to hire at all levels.

Services will be offered at various levels. Cash payment, pay outs, and even pay with stock!


Other BIG PICTURE brands in our portfolio:



Major Brand Acquisitions:

offical clinimetrics logo




May 31st – June 7th

June 5th is the VIP Gala

Investing in you!